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The Taillevent restaurant was created in 1946 by André Vrinat. His son, Jean-Claude, succeeded him and positioned the restaurant among the most renowned Parisian restaurants, receiving International awards from the most prestigious food critics. A reference in the culinary domain, Taillevent also became a model of French elegance with their luxurious private Hotel located close to the Champs-Élysées. In the constant search for excellence, Jean-Claude Vrinat always made sure that the Table Service was the highlight of a great meal. Whilst an entrepreneur and not a cook, he was and will remain an emblematic figure of French cuisine.

After managing the family company, first besides her father, then after his death until 2011, Valérie Vrinat wished to carry on promoting careers in table service by creating an adhoc association. She worked on this project with Jean-Marie Ancher, who spent his whole professional career (43 years) working at the Taillevent restaurant.

The Jean-Claude Vrinat Association was finally created in January 2019 to promote careers in the hospitality sector.

Our missions

Promote careers in the food service industry
Spark vocations
Support new talents


About us

Valérie Vrinat

Valérie Vrinat

Valérie Vrinat is the daughter of Jean-Claude Vrinat.

Within the family organisation, she was the director of the Caves Taillevent before joining her father within the Group. Following her father’s death in 2008, she became Head of the Group. She remained in this position until 2011, when the group was acquired by the Gardinier family. Valérie Vrinat is the current president of the Association.

“A successful meal, no matter where, is an occasion during which service should be available, smiling and caring. To serve is giving to receive”


Valérie Vrinat

Jean-Marie Ancher

Jean-Marie Ancher started to work at the Taillevent in 1975 as a kitchen assistant and left the Group 43 years later. During his time at the Taillevent, he took on several positions from kitchen assistant up to the role of director in 2008. He is now focusing on teaching.

“Serving a client is to anticipate their wishes and pay attention to their every need. I love this job which gave me everything and where I learnt so much.”

Advisory Committee

Valérie Vrinat

President of the Association

Jean-Marie Ancher

Vice President of the Association

Hervé Bizeul

Wine maker at Le Clos des Fées  – Winner Coupe Georges Baptiste 1979 and 1986

Philippe Bourguignon

Former director of the Laurent restaurant in Paris – Best French sommelier in 1978

Gérard-Louis Canfaïlla

President of the MOF salle – Former director of the Lasserre restaurant in Paris

Charles Divay

Head of the Cheval Blanc restaurant – Paris

Catherine Dumas

Paris Senator – Founder of Club de la Table Française

Emmanuel Fournis

Consultant, professor at Lycée des métiers de l’hôtellerie et de la restauration François Rabelais à Dugny (93), organiser of the MAF Arts de la Table et du Service.

Corentin Gallène

Head of the Les Bordes Estate restaurant in Loire Valley – Trophée du Maître d’Hôtel 2021

Christelle Grisoni

Director of Bertrand Restauration and Groupe Flo

Caroline Rostang

Managing and operations director of Rostang Père & Filles à Paris

Guy Savoy

Jean-François Tostivint

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